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With appearances, telecasts or broadcast, John Davies has been listened to and watched by more than 2 billion people around the world. He has been seen and heard in more than 130 countries. While the mainstay of his work is recording and giving concerts, he has an abiding interest in artists’ development programs, music technology and development of recording technology.

John balances his busy working schedule with his great interest in all codes of football, as well as swimming and track and field. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

“An awesome vocal force of powerful and unstoppable momentum. ”
Shin Bou – China

“A prominent baritone and vocal teacher with a worldwide reputation.”
Broadcast Engineering News Magazine

“A diligent, exacting musician with a superb voice.”
News Limited

“Seduced the public with Andrea Chenier by Giordano.”
Le Quotidien – France

“A golden voice; one of the great Australian baritones.”
Daily Telegraph

John Davies sings 'Cortigiani vil Razza Dannata - from Rigolettoby Giuseppe Verdi
John Davies sings 'Va, Tosca!' - from 'Tosca'by Giacomo Puccini